Andres Veske appointed as chairman of the board of Utilitas’ heating companies

Andres Veske has been appointed as the new member and chairman of the management board of heating companies AS Utilitas Tallinn and AS Utilitas Eesti, which are part of the Utilitas energy group. Both companies’ councils have chosen former chairman of the board Priidu Nõmm as the new chairman of the council.

‘Utilitas is a modern energy company. This year alone, we plan to invest nearly 50 million euros into the development of energy production and the construction and development of district heating networks. District heating is an area with obvious prospects for future growth and I wish to contribute to its development. In doing so, it is important to consider the need to reduce the environmental impact of energy production while providing customers with a competitive service,’ noted Andres Veske.

Veske stepped into his new role on 15 May. Previously, he had been a member of the board of Sillpower AS (formerly AS Sillamäe SEJ), after having managed energy companies belonging to Viru Keemia Grupp for over ten years. Since 2006, he is a member of the board of directors of the Estonian Power and Heat Association, serving as its chairman since 2012.

‘Andres Veske, who just joined Utilitas, is a recognised executive with many years of experience at various energy companies, as well as at the helm of the Power and Heat Association. Priidu Nõmm, the new chairman of the council of the heating companies, has contributed substantially to the modernisation of the heating economy in Tallinn and all of Estonia. His long-term experience in the field of energy is invaluable for the group’s development,’ said Utilitas’ CEO Priit Koit.

Priidu Nõmm has worked at Utilitas in key commercial positions since 2000 and served as chairman of the board. In his words, he wishes to focus more on the group’s strategic issues. ‘An increase in the share of renewable energy is inevitable in Estonia from the standpoint of the environment and security of supply. Utilitas is already contributing to the combined production of heat and electricity and, as of now, more than half of Tallinn’s district heat is produced using non-fossil fuels, the majority of which is generated at Utilitas’ combined heat and power plants,’ Nõmm explained.

In addition to Veske, members of the board of AS Utilitas Tallinn and AS Utilitas Eesti include Aulis Meitus and Janek Trums. In addition to Priidu Nõmm, the council of the Utilitas Energy Group also includes Priit Koit and Kristjan Rahu.