AS Utilitas Eesti

AS Utilitas Eesti is supplying heat to 768 buildings in seven Estonian cities throughout the year: in Haapsalu, Jõgeva, Keila, Kärdla, Rapla, Tallinn, and Valga. The company manages a 76-kilometre district heating network (incl. 58% of pre-insulated pipelines) and operates 11 boiler plants, of which eight are generating heat for district heating networks and three are local boiler plants.

Sisu Moodul

  • 768 buildings
  • 76-kilometre district heating networks (incl. 64% of pre-insulated pipelines)
  • 8 boiler houses
  • 59 employees

Keila district heating network

Keila võrk

Thermal energy capacity 23.5 MW
Sales volume in 2016 23 200 MWh
Share of renewable fuels 90%
Number of heated buildings 130
  incl. households 2 630
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Haapsalu district heating network

Soojusvork Haapsalu

Thermal energy capacity 37 MW
Sales volume in 2016 50 200 MWh
Share of renewable fuels 68%
Number of heated buildings 200
  incl. households 3 760
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Kärdla district heating network

Soojusvork Kardla

Thermal energy capacity 6.3 MW
Sales volume in 2016 ca 7 000 MWh
Share of renewable fuels 100%
Number of heated buildings üle 40
  incl. households 480
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Rapla district heating network

Soojusvork Rapla

Thermal energy capacity 18,3 MW
Sales volume in 2016 19 840 MWh
Share of renewable fuels 83%
Number of heated buildings 100
  incl. households 1360
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Jõgeva district heating network

Soojusvork Jogeva

Thermal energy capacity 19.1 MW
Sales volume in 2016 23 200 MWh
Share of renewable fuels 80%
Number of heated buildings 90
  incl. households 1790
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Valga district heating network

Soojusvork Valga

Thermal energy capacity 30.8 MW
Sales volume in 2016 48 000 MWh
Share of renewable fuels 80%
Number of heated buildings 140
  incl. households 3900
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The Management Board of AS Utilitas Eesti consists of three members who have long and diverse experience in the company.

  • Andres Veske
    Chairman of the

  • Janek Trumsi
    Member of the

  • Aulis Meitus
    Member of the

Priidu Nõmm, Chairman of the Council
Kristjan Rahu, Member of the Council
Priit Koit, Member of the Council