Cookies and other web technologies

Utilitas may collect data on visitors of the web site or other information society services by using cookies (small pieces of data that are stored by the visitor’s browser on the hard drive of the their computer or other device) and other similar technologies (e.g. IP address, device information, location information) and process the collected data.

Utilitas uses the collected data to provide services according to a visitor’s or customer’s personal preferences, ensure the highest quality of our services, inform a visitor or a customer of the contents and make recommendations, personalise commercials and improve marketing, as well as enhance logging in and protecting the data. The collected data is also used to keep count of the visitors and analyse their habits of using our web site.

Utilitas uses session cookies, persistent cookies, and advertising cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted after each visit, permanent cookies will be stored upon consistent visiting of the web site, advertising cookies and cookies of third parties are used by Utilitas partners’ web sites that are connected to the Utilitas web site. Utilitas does not control the cookies of third parties, relevant information about these cookies is provided by the third parties.

Information on cookies and other web technologies used by Utilitas: All About Cookies.

Visitors approve the use of cookies on the web site, on information society service settings, or through a web browser.

Most browsers allow cookies. Without complete approval of cookies, web site functions are not available to a visitor. Allowing or refusing cookies and other similar technologies are controlled by a visitor through their browser settings, information society services settings, and other similar platforms for improving privacy.