Environment and Safety

We prioritise reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and halting climate change in our activities.

Utilitas is observing two main directions of energy policy in the development of our production – energy efficiency and environmental protection:

  • reduction of the use of primary energy, incl. the obligation arising from the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) to reduce the final consumption of energy by 1.5% every year;
  • reduction of transmission losses;
  • limiting greenhouse gas emissions;
  • transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources;
  • using local fuels or thermal energy resources which would otherwise remain unused (such as combined heat and power generation, residual heat from industries, using domestic waste or wood waste as fuel);
  • the lowest possible air pollution and highest possible efficiency from large production plants equipped with modern technology.

While heat is mainly generated by using wood chips and natural gas, light fuel oil is combusted as reserve fuel in the case of potential delivery problems or interruptions. Handling and storage of large amounts of light fuel oil may be hazardous to human health and to the surrounding environment.