Customer service in Keila

Põhja pst 27, 76610 Keila
Phone: +372 604 5562

Operating hours: E-R 8:30 – 16:30

Introduction of the network area

NB! As a provider of a vital service and due to rapid spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, Utilitas decided to proactively close its offices all over Estonia for visitors, but this remedy does not affect the provision of the company’s regular services.

According to recent information, no COVID-19 infections have been identified among our staff for the time being. In order to prevent the spread of virus and to ensure consistent provision of services, we have decided to reduce physical contacts and most staff will work remotely until to March 20 at least. Only staff involved in operational work are present on the premises.

We remind that information and documents can be successfully transmitted by telephone and e-mail. All necessary contacts can be found on our website under contacts. You can also reach out to Utilitas at or call + 372 610 7107

  • Dmitri Opmann

    Head of Department

  • 24h information