Tallinna Vesi

Tallinna Vesi is responsible for treating and supplying drinking water to its customers and for leading off and treating wastewater in Tallinn. Every day, Tallinna Vesi gives approximately 70 million litres of drinking water to the water network, and collects and directs 120 million litres of wastewater to its wastewater treatment plant where it will be treated and, after turning into environmentally safe effluent, discharged to the sea.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Council of Tallinna Vesi is Priit Koit, the CEO of Utilitas group, and the Member of the Supervisory Council in Tallinna Vesi is Robert Kitt, the Chairman of the Board of Utilitas Tallinn and Utilitas Eesti.

Utilitas is one of the main shareholders of Tallinna Vesi.