Utilitas: the share of renewable energy continues to grow

In the third quarter of 2019, the energy group Utilitas produced 183,000 MWh of heat and 80,000 MWh of electricity, of which 250,000 MWh was produced from renewable sources. In comparison with the third quarter of 2018, the production of green energy increased by 13 per cent. By using green energy sources, Utilitas has limited its CO2 emissions by 445,000 tonnes in nine months, compared to producing the same amount of energy from gas and oil shale.

In the third quarter, clients of Utilitas used 147,000 MWh of heat, which represents a 25% year-on-year increase. The main reasons for the growth were the average outdoor air temperature in September, which was lower than last year, and the increased client portfolio. Last year, a record number of new clients joined Utilitas’ district heating network – a total of 103 buildings.

‘The European Union has set a goal of increasing the efficiency of the energy sector and advocate the use of renewable energy solutions, including solar power. This past summer was the first one for Utilitas where we produced energy from the sun,’ said Priit Koit, CEO of the Utilitas group. The solar power plant in Tallinn, which began operating this year, produced 460 MWh in the third quarter and the annual production capacity of the plant is approximately 950 MWh thanks to the 4,134 solar panels placed on an area of 1.7 hectares. The nominal output capacity of the plant is 950 kW.

Photo: Utilitas’ cogeneration plants and solar power plant in Väo, Tallinn (photo by Maris Tomba)

Utilitas’ third cogeneration plant began operations

This October, the district heating network of Tallinn turns 60 years old. When in the early years of district heating, almost all of the heat was produced from oil shale, and nearly a dozen years ago, the capital’s heat was produced entirely from natural gas, then today, more than half of Tallinn’s district heat comes from renewable sources. ‘In celebration of the jubilee of Tallinn’s district heating network, I am glad to announce that Utilitas’ third cogeneration plant in Tallinn has begun operations, which will provide homes with heat and electricity made from renewable sources,’ said Koit.

In 2019, Utilitas is investing 40 million euros in ensuring efficient energy production and environmental sustainability, including in the maintenance and construction of heating networks. The Environmental Investment Centre has provided 1.2 million euros of this amount.