Robert Kitt joins Utilitas

Pildil: AS-i Utilitas Tallinn ja AS-i Utilitas Eesti uus juhatuse liige Robert Kitt

Robert Kitt will start on 1 March as a member of the management board of AS Utilitas Tallinn and AS Utilitas Eesti district heating companies belonging to the Utilitas energy group.

‘We are pleased that Robert has decided to join Utilitas. His strong background in sciences and experience in running a critical infrastructure company will certainly help him to adapt to the energy sector and make Utilitas services even more accessible,’ said Priit Koit, Head of Utilitas Group.

‘As the largest district heating company and producer of renewable energy, Utilitas has proven to be a responsible company, their green transition in the last eight years has been impressive,’ said Robert Kitt. ‘I am grateful for the trust and I bring my experience in running a service company to Utilitas. Together with the group’s competence, I see the potential to offer environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions also to those who are not yet Utilitas customers but value comfort and reducing ecological footprint. I also see an opportunity to apply my PhD in technical physics from TalTech in leading a company developing the energy of the future.’

Robert Kitt is an experienced senior executive with a long career in the economic sector since 1994. He has a considerable wealth of experience in business and banking, and he has also worked in the management of AS Swedbank, the Estonian Banking Association, and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition, Robert Kitt has contributed to the development of the education sector. He has a PhD in technical physics from Tallinn University of Technology, where he has later worked as a researcher and lecturer and is still a member of the TalTech Supervisory Board.

Aulis Meitus and Janek Trumsi, current members of the management board with a long-term experience, will continue in the management board of AS Utilitas Tallinn and AS Utilitas Eesti. Andres Veske, the current chairman of the management board of the companies, will continue until 15 March, after which he will take up the position of member of the supervisory board at Rohetiiger, where he will contribute to raising the environmental awareness of the society and promoting the principles of balanced economy. Robert Kitt will take over the position of the chairman of the management board of AS Utilitas Tallinn and AS Utilitas Eesti.

‘We thank Andres for his significant contribution to the development of district heating and the launch of the district cooling service. Andres knows well the challenges awaiting in the energy sector and I am glad that he can apply his knowledge to the wider society. We wish him success at Rohetiiger,’ commented Priit Koit on Andres Veske’s progress.

‘The time I worked at Utilitas has been an important stage in my career in the energy sector. Environmental friendliness and safety have always gone hand in hand with the convenience and quality of service at Utilitas. Today, the challenges and ambitions of Rohetiiger speak to me more than ever, and I want to make a greater contribution to it,’ said Andres Veske.

AS Utilitas Tallinn and AS Utilitas Eesti are subsidiaries of the group’s parent company OÜ Utilitas, which provides district heating services in eight cities across Estonia. In addition to the district heating companies in Tallinn, the Utilitas Group includes OÜ Utilitas Tallinna Elektrijaam, which produces heat and electricity. The group companies manage 547 km of district heating pipelines, three cogeneration plants, 26 boiler plants, and nine solar power plants. The Utilitas Group employs 256 workers.