The core value of the Utilitas group (parent company Utilitas OÜ, group companies AS Utilitas Eesti, AS Utilitas Tallinn, OÜ Utilitas Tallinna Elektrijaam, OÜ Utilitas Wind, AS Utilitas Tallinna Soojus) is honesty and therefore we provide a safe environment to report any misconduct in relation to the Utilitas Group. By breach, including potential breach, we mean misconduct where we or our employees, our affiliates or other parties associated with us violate applicable laws or where their conduct, while not in violation of the law, is contrary to the purpose of the law or our internal policies.

You can report us of a breach related to us either by e-mail or via an online form:

E-mail address:Link to the online form:QR code for the online form:
vihje.utilitas@triniti.eeRikkumisest teavitamise veebivorm

You can report the breach with personal data or anonymously. NB: When reporting anonymously, it is not possible to contact the whistleblower to provide feedback and ask for further information, or to inform about follow-up actions.

We assure you that whistleblowers will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will be protected as effectively as possible against any retaliation!

Check the Whistleblowing Policy
The principles of reporting a breach are provided in our Whistleblowing Policy – meet the requirements here. Whistleblowing Policy provides for the procedure of filing and processing of whistleblowing reports concerning the Utilitas group and protection of whistleblowers from retaliation.

Processing of the report
To ensure the independent handling of breach reports, reports are transmitted directly to the TRINITI information system, which is responsible for:

  • for receiving breach reports;
  • keeping in touch with the whistleblower and providing feedback and requesting further information where necessary;
  • informing on the implementation of follow-up measures.

In a situation where TRINITI Law Office is unable to process the reports in accordance with the requirements laid down by law, the breach report, together with the relevant annexes, will be forwarded to the person designated by us to process the breach report, and who will ensure compliance with the requirements of the law, including the confidentiality of the whistleblower.

Ask for more information
For further information and clarification on the whistleblowing procedure and whistleblower rights, please contact Confidentiality is guaranteed!