Traineeship focuses

Energy production

You will learn how energy is produced in cogeneration plants and/or boiler houses. You will have the opportunity to thoroughly study the electricity and/or heat production process and the technology used, such as steam and water boilers, burners, turbines, etc.

Electrical and automation equipment

You will learn how to turn thermal or solar energy into electrical energy, and how to automate and monitor this process. You will learn about switchgear, lines, transformers, and solar panels at different voltage levels. You carry out inspections in the protection zones of equipment, access areas, and lines. You will learn the principles of electrical safety and train in compliance with these.

Mechanical equipment

You will learn the working principles of the equipment for biofuel handling and transport, boilers, steam turbines, and ash removal equipment, and become acquainted with the maintenance principles of this equipment. You will perform inspections of these devices and participate in the maintenance and repair planning and implementation processes.

Environmental management

The sustainable organization of the company’s activities, the management of environmental aspects, and safety practices. You will learn about the quality, environmental, and safety management systems implemented in the company and their functions, the monitoring and reporting of environmental aspects, and the organization of occupational safety.


You will gain experience in taking water samples at the company’s facilities, performing water and fuel analyses, and maintaining and testing laboratory equipment.

Control of the district heating network

You will learn how the management of heat sources, devices, and networks works. You will obtain an overview of receiving, processing, and transmitting operational information related to heat networks.

District heating network

You will learn how heat is transferred from the heat source to the customer’s building. You will have the opportunity to thoroughly study the processes related to planning, constructing, maintaining, and repairing district heating networks.

Customer service

You obtain an understanding of the customer service process and learn about the functionality of the customer management software. You will receive an overview of the contractual relations of district heating and district cooling customers and the management of the customer portfolio. You will learn the process of measuring and monitoring the energy consumed.

Project management

You will learn and understand how development projects in the energy sector are managed.

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