Recommendations in the case of a service interruption

In the event of a service interruption, Utilitas immediately informs the building manager, who should then inform the consumers, residents, or tenants of the building(s) about the heat supply interruption, so those impacted can take this into account in their plans.

The supply of domestic hot water may also be interrupted if it is connected to the district heating service in the particular building(s). As cold water will run from the hot water tap but be read as hot water by the hot water meter during the interruption, we recommend not using the hot water tap during an interruption of the heating service.

If the interruption of the heating service is related to maintenance work on the district heating network, during which a pressure test is carried out, there may be dangerous pressure on the building’s heat supply system, which we inform customers about separately.

In case of service disruptions and failures, please inform customer service or by phone +372 610 7107.
See the schedule of maintenance and repair works