Always reliable

Utilitas district heating and district cooling services offer very high reliability and have a customer satisfaction level of 94 percent. In total, Utilitas heats 20.5 million square meters of buildings across Estonia.

Environmentally friendly

Utilitas will use only renewable energy sources by 2030 but already produces the majority of energy from renewable sources such as biomass, wind, and solar. In addition, all district heating networks will be renovated by 2035.


All Utilitas production units are high-tech and offer high efficiency, which means that the resulting production efficiency is close to 100 percent.


Utilitas is constantly looking for new innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of energy production and distribution. We are exploring green hydrogen, heat pumps, and storage solutions.

Our story

Heating. Cooling. Electricity.
Efficient, renewable, and affordable.

Heating, cooling, and electricity are essential forms of energy consumption in modern life.

The Utilitas energy group works to ensure that everyone can enjoy a convenient temperature and an uninterrupted electricity supply while preserving nature at the same time. Utilitas is Estonia’s largest producer of clean energy.

The history of the company dates back to 1998, when AS Eraküte was founded, which focused on improving and renewing the heat supply service in Estonian cities

The district heating system was first acquired in Rapla, then in Valga, and Haapsalu. Today, Utilitas offers district heating services in nine Estonian cities, including Tallinn, where a district cooling service is also in development. Utilitas mainly produces energy from renewable fuels.

For more than a decade, Utilitas has been working to ensure that the energy consumed in cities is produced as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. We have reduced our carbon footprint by 64% since 2008.

Utilitas’ carbon neutrality strategy “From Low to Zero Carbon” envisages achieving carbon neutrality in our district heating and district cooling networks and using 100% renewable sources of energy production by 2030 at the latest.

In addition to the production of electricity in cogeneration plants, Utilitas has also expanded its activities towards fuel-free electricity production. We have built solar and wind farms, and are developing new projects in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Utilitas also runs Estonia’s first green hydrogen pilot project, during which a green hydrogen production unit and a filling station will be built.

Clean energy production not only saves the environment but also makes energy more affordable and improves energy security, as only renewable local sources are used.

Utilitas in figures – 2023

Utilitas is a provider of district energy solutions, the largest producer of renewable energy in Estonia, and the largest producer of wind energy in Latvia