Utilitas’ sustainable development goals and areas of impact

The areas of impact of Utilitas’ sustainable development have been identified by analyzing social megatrends, political and legal developments, good practices, and sustainable development standards.

As a result of the analysis, Utilitas has set goals and metrics for the responsible management of environmental and social impacts.

Utilitas’ environmental impact

The development of the energy sector is driven by global warming, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing the share of renewable energy and energy efficiency, both at the Estonian and international levels. For Utilitas, the most important environmental aspects are climate impact, emissions, biomass sustainability, waste management, and water consumption.

Cleaner air

Thanks to an investment of more than 400 million euros, Utilitas has already significantly (64%) reduced the carbon footprint of the thermal energy provided through its district heating networks from 2008 to 2021. The goal is to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 at the latest.

Sustainability of biomass

The use of low-value wood and wood waste for energy production in cogeneration plants is environmentally sustainable. The raw materials used are procured at a reasonable distance from the stations plants. All Utilitas’ wood suppliers are FSC or PEFC certified.

Waste management

Following the principles of a circular economy and the requirements of environmental permits, the ash produced from biomass during energy production is given to cooperation partners who use it as a fertilizer. Domestic waste generated in offices is sorted and handed over to waste handlers.

Water consumption

Utilitas is constantly improving the efficiency of water usage – the goal is to constantly reduce the amount of water used in district heating networks. Renewing the district heating network leads to a reduction in both heat and water loss.

Social impact

The energy sector is one of the most highly valued sectors among employees in Estonia, and the development of companies enables the creation of new jobs.

Occupational safety

Occupational safety is a priority for Utilitas, and it is managed in all subsidiaries of the group according to the principles of the ISO 45001 standard. The goal is to provide all employees and cooperation partners with a work environment free of occupational accidents.


Utilitas creates jobs with high added value thanks to the expansion of operations, the establishment of new renewable energy production capacities, and continued digitalization. Using local wood chips for energy production helps to preserve life and jobs in rural areas.


Due to the specific nature of the energy sector, there are more men among Utilitas employees, but the workforce is quite diverse in terms of age and nationality. Following the best practices, both male and female representatives of Utilitas participate in job interviews. The goal of diversity is observed when recruiting employees for management positions.


Utilitas promotes a simple organizational structure throughout the company, characterized by honest management principles, leadership, little hierarchy, clear and simple work instructions, trust, and consensus in decision-making.

Community relations and sponsorship

Utilitas’ sponsorship activities are based on the core values of the group. We support activities that enrich the lives of residents, contribute to environmental sustainability, or create innovative solutions.

Cooperation in education

The presence of the next generation of engineers in the energy sector is crucial to the development of new renewable energy technologies. Good education and in-depth knowledge are vital in executing a green revolution in the energy sector.

Utilitas has a long-term cooperation with TalTech

  • Utilitas’ representatives participate in various program committees.
  • Companies of the group participate in career events and offer paid internships to young people to promote the acquisition of practical skills necessary to become top professionals.
  • In order to motivate successful students, Utilitas provides the Clean Energy Scholarship to undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Engineering.

Noored Kooli

Utilitas supports the Noored Kooli (Young People to Schools) development program, which addresses the critical teacher shortage in Estonia and aims to bring motivated people from other areas to schools. Good education depends on motivated teachers!

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Rakett69 Science studios

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