From technician to board member

Utilitas is Estonia’s largest producer of renewable energy and district heating company. As a member of our team, you can contribute to creating a cleaner living environment by applying your professional potential in accordance with your personal values. Read Utilitas’ success stories and learn more about the career opportunities we offer.

From left: Engineer Sander Orasi, Production Manager Vladislav Mašatin, and Board member Janek Trumsi

Engineer Sander Orasi: “The Utilitas working environment is supportive, and you are always given the chance to take responsibility for implementing your ideas. If you are active and eager, you will always find a way to realize ideas in Utilitas.”

Sander Orasi is a certified thermal engineer. He works as an engineer at the Utilitas cogeneration plants located in Väo, Tallinn. Five years ago, Sander started in Utilitas as a junior engineer while completing his master’s studies. Sander’s main task is to ensure high operational reliability and to maximize station efficiency. He is also a new technical projects manager. One of the last major projects he managed was building a robot for taking fuel samples at the cogeneration plant. In addition, he has been the project manager for the maintenance and repair shutdowns of the cogeneration plant in recent years. Sander holds a bachelor’s degree in thermal energy from TalTech from 2015 and a master’s degree in distributed energy from 2017.

Production Manager Vladislav Mašatin: “If a student wants to make homes warmer and the world greener, and if the production of heat and electricity is a serious interest, then Utilitas is definitely the right place to work.”

Vladislav Mašatin is a thermal engineer with a doctorate degree. As a production manager, he is responsible for ensuring that the boiler houses and cogeneration plants are always ready to produce exactly the amount of heat that the city’s residents need, regardless of time and weather. Vladislav joined Utilitas through a competition organized in 2006, where he was awarded the best student scholarship and a job as a junior engineer in the network department. One of the major projects he has managed has been the construction of the Utilitas Mustamäe cogeneration plant, where Vladislav was responsible for technology as project manager. Currently, Vladislav is engaged in, among other things, the installation of a flue gas condenser in the second stage of Mustamäe cogeneration plant, along with heat pumps. Vladislav obtained a master’s degree from TalTech in 2011 and a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering in 2018.

Member of the Management Board Janek Trumsi: “Utilitas is a pioneer in its field, and if you are interested in participating in the development of energy, Utilitas is a very good place for that with its innovative spirit. In addition, there are diverse roles within the Utilitas Group – everyone can find the most suitable output and the one that interests them.”

Board Member and Technical Director Janek Trumsi is Utilitas’ own success story, which proves that anything is possible with hard work and a desire to learn. He has moved to the top – from technician to Board member. Janek’s career at Utilitas began in 1998, when he noticed a job ad for the position of network service technician during his studies of thermal energetics at Taltech. Soon after, he had the opportunity to be involved as a project engineer in the construction of the Laagna pumping station in Tallinn, which was an important network junction connected to the network areas of Lasnamäe and Kesklinna. Later, he became the Head of the Network Management Department, then the Head of the Network Unit, and the Technical Director. From 2014 he became a Member of the Management Board as well. Janek considers the connection of the Central and Western network regions in 2010 and developments in the field of district cooling to be his biggest projects. It has also been important for him to create a united team spirit in the Utilitas technical unit. Currently, Janek is further developing the district cooling and district heating by streamlining and modernizing both the distribution network and energy production. Janek has a master’s degree in thermal energy from Tallinn University of Technology.

This article was published in the “Võti tulevikku” career fair magazine in March 2022.

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