Utilitas helps with fixing heating substations

If your building has an outdated and inefficient heating substation, the heat parameters may no longer meet the requirements of the standard conditions for the sale of heat. It is now possible to order a new heating substation directly from Utilitas.

We recommend that you install a modern, fully automatic heating substation in your building, which allows you to conveniently take into account the exact heating needs of the premises. With a modern heating substation, it is easy to set up different heating modes, for example, for night hours or different days of the week, thus optimizing heat consumption and saving costs.

Utilitas can assist its customers in upgrading a building’s heating substation. When procuring and installing a heating substation, we rely on our long-term experience and wish to offer our customers the best possible solution.

If necessary, we are ready to offer installment payments to legal entities at a favorable 5% annual interest rate. Depending on the total cost of the heating substation equipment and installation, the payment period is two to five years. In the event of significant changes in Euribor, Utilitas has the right to revise the interest rate.

Equipment and installation are covered by a two-year warranty from installation. Utilitas is responsible for organizing warranty work.

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