Utilitas Wind and ABB join hands to accelerate the development of renewable energy

The renewable energy producer Utilitas Wind signed a cooperation agreement with the technology company ABB to accelerate the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy in the Baltic region.

”The transition to local renewable energy solutions is no longer just strongly recommended. It’s essential from the point of view of nature preservation, sustainability and energy security. The rapid development of the field means there’s a need to invest in technology, people, and regulations. Together with ABB, we see a possibility to create new business opportunities, jobs, and local knowledge in the region,“ explained Rene Tammist, Board member of Utilitas Wind.

According to ABB Board member Jukka Patrikainen, it is important to find options for cooperation with different parties to achieve the goals of a green transition. ”Achieving a climate-neutral and environmentally-friendly economy in Estonia is a matter close to our hearts. The ongoing technological revolution is increasing the demand for energy worldwide, and Estonia is no exception. It is also an opportunity for a green transition because today’s challenges inspire us to find more sustainable and economical solutions. The cooperation between ABB and Utilitas Wind is a good example here – we bring together the strengths and knowledge of both parties and apply them to the service of Estonia’s green transition,“ added Jukka Patrikainen.

ABB and Utilitas Wind see cooperation opportunities in onshore and offshore wind farms, solar power plants, and storage solution projects. For example, solutions for creating hybrid projects are being explored, where renewable electricity production capacities can be combined with ABB storage solutions. In addition, ABB inverters produced in Estonia can be used in onshore and offshore wind turbines where suitable.

The companies’ common goal is to find efficient and innovative solutions in all areas of renewable energy, which would also create jobs in Estonia with higher added value.